Facing the wind

The weather has always been a topic of conversation and concern. We want to plan our day and prepare for storms. Also known as a wind vane or weathercock, the … Continue Reading →

Farm museum

Roanoke and the Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge Parkway, a 460-mile scenic drive, follows the crest of the Appalachian mountains through Virginia and North Carolina. During a recent visit to Roanoke, Virginia, I spent some … Continue Reading →


Thai pavilion

Madison is more than just Wisconsin’s capital. It is a center of culture and learning. One highlight overlooked by too many visitors is the Olbrich Botanical Gardens, near Lake Monona. Olbrich … Continue Reading →


Roanoke museums enjoy a rebirth

Roanoke has a long history as the commercial and cultural center of western Virginia. The city became a transpiration hub when the Shenandoah Valley Railroad joined the Norfolk and Western … Continue Reading →


Bermuda’s Grotto Bay

Grotto Bay is a delightful blue-green expanse of water in the eastern part of Bermuda. It is also the name of  a friendly resort perched along a hill leading down … Continue Reading →