Gamble Rogers

Gamble Rogers

Dune sunflower
Gaillardia growing next to a large rock

Named for a popular folk singer, Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area is a small park in the southern part of Flagler Beach, Florida. The coast highway, Route A1A, runs through the park creating a beach area, which includes one of the park’s two campgrounds, and an inland area, which borders a section of the intracoastal waterway. The inland area features a boat ramp, an area for fishing, a second campground and the Joe Kenner nature trail. Colorful wildflowers grow in various places.

Joe Kenner nature trail

Woman on the Joe Kenner nature trail
Carved figures on a palm

The trail, about a mile long, is a loop, that begins opposite the waterfront bulkhead. On the trail, you”ll encounter a variety of trees including the sable palm, the only palm native to Florida. There are also a number of shrubs, including the ubiquitous palmetto. Interpretive signs along the trail identify some of its outstanding features. A most enjoyable way to experience the trail is to come to the park on a day when a guided tour of the nature trail is offered. Check the park web site or call the park office for schedule and other information.

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