About Joel

Photography began as a hobby many years ago and is now a full-time activity. I specialize in outdoor subjects, particularly nature and travel. Travel is a great way to put life back into perspective. And getting away from it all, away from our normal environment, does more than merely provide a respite or allow our “batteries” to recharge. It gives us a chance to learn new things, have new experiences, and acquire a fresh understanding of our world and ourselves.

Nature is the origin of everything we consider beautiful. Nothing sharpens the mind and gives relief from the pressures of our high-velocity society than a walk in the woods or a quiet paddle in a lake among the birds, beavers and water lilies. The natural world is the real world; it is sometimes cruel but it always provides stimulation for our senses and inspiration for our creativity.

My photography has appeared in various magazines and on the web. My images are available at Alamy.com.

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