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  • Roosevelt Park

    Roosevelt Park

    At first glance, this small neighborhood park in Edison, New Jersey doesn’t look like much. Yet, local residents seem to like the place, as it is often quite crowded. Families gather for picnics, especially on weekends. Youngsters enjoy the playgrounds and basketball courts.  The walking trails are used by young and old. But the centerpiece of […]

  • Sacred Garden of Maliko

    Sacred Garden of Maliko

    In the upcountry town of Makawao, away from Maui’s crowded resorts, the Sacred Garden of Maliko is a garden and a refuge, not a place to hide but rather to expose your inner self. The theme of the garden is peace, reflected through artwork, labyrinths, flags and especially its plant collection. Enter the cavernous building and […]

  • Temecula Old Town

    Temecula Old Town

    Part of the “Inland Empire”, Temecula is a thriving southern California city. In between tours of the local wineries and balloon rides over the vineyards, a walk through Old Town, including a stop for lunch, is a lot of fun. Check out the interesting architecture and cultural activities. And notice the number of wine bars […]

  • Pompeys Pillar

    Pompeys Pillar

    Pompeys Pillar is a giant sandstone rock containing the only physical evidence of the route taken by Lewis and Clark during their monumental exploration of the American west. Captain William Clark stopped at the pillar and took the time to carve his name and the date, July 25, 1806, into the soft rock. He was on […]

  • Heart of Chapel Hill

    Heart of Chapel Hill

    Chapel Hill is most famous as the home of the University of North Carolina, the nation’s first state university. The town essentially grew up around the university and much commercial activity depends on purchases by students. A visit to Chapel Hill should include some time spent on the university campus, as well as Franklin Street, […]

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