Pocono Manor celebrates a golf centennial

Pocono Manor celebrates a golf centennial

Golf director Greg Wall leaning on his club at Pocono Manor golf courseThe golf course at Pocono Manor was established exactly 100 years ago and to mark the occasion, the facility sponsored a special golf day event this past Thursday. Golf director Greg Wall, decked out in his best 1920’s golf outfit, including knickers and long socks as well as a white shirt and tie, was on hand at the first tee to greet the players.

The Inn at Pocono Manor

Pocono Manor, listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, was established just 10 years before the golf course as a summer retreat for a group of Quakers. The Inn at Pocono Manor recently completed a major renovation to guest rooms, restaurants and meeting rooms. The place has a homey atmosphere, with friendly staff and a relaxed ambiance.


In terms of recreation, the golf course is the big draw, but the resort also features horseback riding and a rod and gun club. Shooting sports include trap and sporting clays. Fishing in a small pond is available and the manager has purchased smaller scale rods and reels that are perfect for youngsters.

The waterfall

Waterfall at Pocono Manor
Pennsylvania waterfall

There are several marked hiking trails. A rather rough trail leads to a pretty waterfall. Though considerably smaller than Niagara, the water drops into a quiet glen that is perfect for meditation with the mesmerizing sound of the flowing water nearby.

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