Colorful Kayenta

Nestled in the spectacular red rock country of southern Utah, Kayenta is a planned community dedicated to minimum impact on the earth, without sacrificing human needs and culture. The community, part of the city of Ivins, is northwest of St. George, and just west of Snow Canyon State Park, known for its beautifully shaped Navajo sandstone.

Strict rules govern house construction and appearance as well as the amount of space on each lot that can be disturbed. There are codes for house dimensions, color, building materials, even the type of outdoor lighting that can be used. From a distance, the reddish brown houses seem to melt into the landscape.

Coyote Gulch

Coyote Gulch Art VillageKayenta’s crown jewel is Coyote Gulch Art Village, at the heart of the Kayenta community, both in terms of its location and its intent. The village’s galleries, gift shops and small restaurants are well worth a half-day visit. Pottery, paintings, jewelry and photographs are on display. Wander through the village, and soak up the relaxed atmosphere.

Between visits to the shops, enjoy the plantings of native plants around the village. For a special treat, spend some time in the cactus garden atop a small knoll.

Cactus garden

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