Bermuda’s Grotto Bay

Grotto BayGrotto Bay is a delightful blue-green expanse of water in the eastern part of Bermuda. It is also the name of  a friendly resort perched along a hill leading down to the bay. In addition to a lovely sand beach, the resort provides access to a host of outdoor activities, such as sailing, wind surfing, diving, snorkeling and tennis. It has an outdoor Jacuzzi and pool. While children are entertained at programmed activities, parents can relax at the pool or one of the bars. In the evening, many couples and families stroll the landscaped grounds.

During the week I spent at the resort, I floated near coral reefs and explored the bay in a kayak. I also enjoyed the two restaurants, the informal Palm Court and the upscale Hibiscus Room. Although the airport is located on the opposite side of the bay, there was little airplane noise and the area is quiet and peaceful. It is also a convenient center for island exploration. Bermuda doesn’t allow car rental by visitors; travel options are bus or taxi, or possibly moped or scooter rental (hint: check your medical insurance before renting). Taxi rides are expensive. The buses come frequently, are reasonably priced and will take you close to wherever you want to go. A bus stop is just outside the resort’s front gate.

Prospero's caveOn the grounds of the resort is Prospero’s cave, which may have been one of the first caves discovered when the island was settled. The cave, cool even on the warmest day, has a large lake which perfectly reflects the wonderful stalactites hanging from above. The cave is sometimes used for social activities, such as weddings. On the day that I visited, no one else was there and I drank in the quiet as I relaxed in the cool, serene atmosphere.

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