Facing the wind

Ship weather vane

Ship weather vane, Asbury Park, NJ

Arrow weather vane

Arrow weather vane, New Castle, DE

The weather has always been a topic of conversation and concern. We want to plan our day and prepare for storms. Also known as a wind vane or weathercock, the weather vane is one of our oldest weather instruments, dating to Roman times. The device points to the direction the wind is coming from and is usually accompanied by an indication of the four compass points.

Moose weather vane

Moose weather vane, Northway, NY

Plow weather vane

Plow weather vane, Ferrum, VA

Functional, but also decorative, weather vanes have taken on a number of different shapes,both practical and whimsical. Animals, devices, ships — there is no limit to the designers’ imagination! You’ll find weather vanes wherever you go, so when exploring a new area, look to the rooftops to see which way the wind is blowing.

Grasshopper weather vane

Grasshopper weather vane, Hagley museum, DE



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