Four great Puerto Vallarta hotels

Four great Puerto Vallarta hotels

Puerto Vallarta is a well-known Mexican vacation spot, famous for its history, beach and gourmet restaurants. A splurge visit to this hot spot is not complete without staying at one of its fabulous hotels. I had occasion to visit four hotels on a recent trip that are worthy hostelries; any of them will add to the pleasure of a stay in this resort area.

Velas Vallarta

Bougainvillea in Vallartga resort
Bougainvillea in Vallartga resort

My favorite of the group is the family friendly Velas Vallarta, an all-inclusive resort near the Vallarta marina. With its beautiful architecture, gorgeous foliage and inviting pools, the view from the balcony is dazzling. The broad beach has fine, white sand. It’s fun to visit vendors on the beach to see their wares or just stretch out in the sun or under the shade of a cabana tent. While it is possible to spend an enjoyable vacation without leaving the resort, I heartily recommend a stroll along the upscale streets to Marina Vallarta, with its yachts. The streets facing the marina, lined with restaurants, shops and fashionable residences, are well worth a visit.

Casa Velas

Stairway and statue of angel in alcove
Stairway and statue of angel in alcove, Casa Velas

In the same neighborhood but with a different appeal is Casa Velas, an adults only all-inclusive resort. No pesky children to disturb the peace and quiet. The iron gates at the entrance hint at the elegance lying within. I particularly enjoyed the arched doorways, windows and recesses. The buildings and grounds are a feast for the eyes. For an additional treat, take a stroll through the upscale area outside the resort.

Villa Premiere

Villa Premiere Hotel and Spa
Beach view from window, Villa Premiere

Another adults only hotel, Villa Premiere is located downtown, on the beach. The resort caters to guests looking for luxury and total relaxation. I had lunch at their gourmet restaurant, which (like many other gourmet restaurants) features dainty portions served with an interesting description. Some of the selections were highly imaginative and all were captivating to look at. Rooms and suites are all oceanfront; the view is spectacular

Fiesta Americana

Fiesta Americana resort
Pool area, Fiesta Americana resort

Fiesta Americana, part of a Mexican hotel chain, is a downtown beachfront all-inclusive family resort with a unique multilevel thatched roof. Dinner at El Mexicano, one of nine cafes and restaurants, was a delightful experience. The food, beautiful to look at, was lovingly served and very tasty.

It was fun to walk from the hotel to a local mall and compare shopping in this neighborhood to similar venues at home. The staff at the hotel is exceptionally friendly and accommodating and I was greeted by smiles throughout my stay.

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